Hi Everyone,  going through one of my books on crystals by Micheal Gienger, I discovered a little tip on how to cleanse rings, pendants or any new or old jewellery for any energies that the stone may have picked up.  Of course this can be used for any stone at any time and especially for those stones that you are using for healing.  Just place the stone or jewellery on a cluster of Amethyst and let the energies of amethyst do the work.  It only need a couple of hours so do not leave it there for too long.

Cleansing stones by laying on Amethyst

In other areas of the gallery we have extended our selection of art and craft supplies to include FABRIC Paint and GLASS Paint.  Pan Pastels will be arriving SOON.

Now that I have figured out how this blog works, expect tips and updates concerning  all areas of the gallery in the future.

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